Medical Supplement

Because of rising health care costs and cutbacks in Medicare coverage, people 65 and over or those on Medicare disability, find that they need a Medicare Supplement policy to pay the costs that Medicare does not pay. Some choose bargain plans or HMOs with very limited coverage and many restrictions. Others are paying much more than what they need to for the coverage they have, and many are fed up with constant rate increases.

We offer information on a Medicare Supplement plan which protects against the high cost of health care at an affordable cost.

You’ll also save on prescriptions, dental, and vision, and have complete freedom of choice of hospitals and doctors and get the quality care you need and deserve, because this is Not an HMO.

Having quality Medicare Supplement coverage with an A+ carrier is today’s consumers’ choice. You’ll enjoy "Automatic Claims Filing", which eliminates the hassles and delays of time consuming paperwork.

Those covered under "Medicare Disability" may also be eligible.

Plans A, B, C, D (Today’s most popular policy) F, and G are offered at very affordable rates!

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