Long Term Care Insurance

Protect Your Assets and Lifestyle!

A recent AARP Survey disclosed the incredible fact that millions of older Americans could be facing financial ruin!

Sad, but true - America has no system to protect us from the devastating costs of nursing homes and home health care.

Sad, but true- Most older Americans mistakenly believe Medicare and private
insurance will protect them. It won't. Medicare covers less than 8% of the  cost of nursing home care.

The "average cost" across the nation for annual Nursing Home Care is about  $54,000 per year...that is a monthly cost of $4,500!!   

"Home Care" is not far behind at $43,800 per year.


Click Here to see a chart of Nursing Home Care costs in your area!

The need for long term care is growing. A 1999 American Council of Life Insurers study estimated that by the year 2030, 5.3 million elderly will receive nursing home care, "doubling" the number of elderly receiving care today.

In fact, seven out of ten couples turning 65 this year will require the use of a nursing home. That's one-half the women and almost one-third the men!

The truth is, you need information about plans to prepare you with the financial protection you need, so you can enjoy your retirement free from worry.

The one question you need to ask yourself is, "How can I afford to pay this cost for care for my parents or my spouse and myself when the time comes?"

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